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What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'Mum's the word'?.
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The surreal moments in between were feelings of extreme panic, confusion, and anger. I was staring death in the face.


I just could not handle any more doors being slammed shut. My ex-husband had successfully manipulated not only my sons against me, but also anyone who had any authority in deciding what was in the best interest of my sons. My ex-husband and his wife were experts in dealing with family law matters and DHHS.

This hospital visit, and the realisation that I really was not coping as well as I thought I was, and the fact that I had dragged my family and close friends down with me, led me to the decision to leave it to fate.

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All we were doing was just fuelling their fire and filling the pockets of the seemingly-useless lawyers that were supposedly fighting to return my sons back to me. We just could not physically, emotionally, or financially take any more. They were raised with a solid foundation of unconditional love, guidance, encouragement, and support. They were taught respect and the importance of truth. During my darkest days, I struggled severely with thinking, Where did I go wrong? I eventually found comfort in the thought that, It is what is it, somewhere, somehow, my sons and I had some very important lessons to learn.

Almost three years after not laying eyes on my sons except from a distance in court, and the back of their heads when they refused to look at me during mediation sessions , Hudson is safely back in my arms! The DHHS, police, and hospitalisation of Hudson was involved, BUT he not only survived, he gained so much strength and wisdom, and so much more than any textbook could ever teach him. He also discovered that love and acceptance from family should not come with rules and conditions; a real family has a strong, unconditional, unbreakable bond.

I, myself, have learned some extremely valuable life lessons too. Amongst many other things, patience and gratitude are of extreme importance.

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My patience will help Hudson, my family, and I remain strong and focused until the time is right for my youngest son Joel to return safely back with us. Eight months down the track, we are neck-deep in court proceedings again, trying to bring Joel home where he is loved and missed by so many, but we are all embracing this precious solo time with Hudson. So here we are, filled with unconditional love, patience, gratitude, strength, wisdom, and HOPE.

Suzie should have sought specialist family law advice at the time that her sons started making these comments. This advice may have led to her seeking child inclusive mediation to understand the source of the change and strong wishes from Dillon, or it could have led to court proceedings and a family report, which may have exposed what was occurring between them at that time. If sought early enough, a family report can be a powerful tool in detecting parental alienation.

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Suzie suggests that Dillon was able to manipulate the family law system, in addition to the children, to achieve their goals. Allegations in an application for an intervention order are made in a written application in the first instance, and then by giving verbal evidence in the witness box.

There is typically no opponent when the order is made, so the court only hears one side of the story. This means that the court will, in many cases, make the interim order, which means that unless the defendant attends court to defend the application, it can thereafter be made on a final basis. In this case, it appears that the target of the accusations was not Suzie, but Francis. It appears that Suzie and Francis were subjected to multiple false allegations. When allegations around drug use are raised, one way to defend such an application is by voluntarily providing supervised drug screens or a hair test which will show whether drugs have been detected.

If a positive test is made, then this could lead to supervised time with the children being ordered. If no positive test is found, then often the accusations can be found to be baseless. Accusations regarding criminal behaviours, such as drink driving offences, and being drunk and disorderly can be disproven by issuing a subpoena to the police. Allegations regarding stalking and threats can be proven or disproven in multiple ways. One way is by obtaining records to show your location at the time of the alleged incident, whether by social media apps, CCTV or telephone records, or otherwise by giving evidence, or having witnesses give evidence on your behalf. Allegations of sexual abuse can be a sinister weapon in legal proceedings generally, as the court is likely to act protectively and provide for supervised time in a reflex action, leaving the allegations untested until an interim defended hearing, or a final hearing can take place, which can be twelve to eighteen months later.

When dealing with allegations of this nature, a lawyer can prepare by providing a psychological assessment of the accused, and character witnesses in their support.

But the risk to the child is so concerning, that even in those circumstances, the court may order supervision, or limited time with the children and the accused, until the final hearing stage. It is not clear whether this issue was raised, or how the court tolerated such a significant change in the psychological supports for the children. In this case, thankfully, Hudson was able to find his way back home. Part of this may have been due to his age. At sixteen years of age, the court would be likely to take his wishes into consideration and Dillon would have had substantive difficulty in resisting his wishes.

This AVO was in place prior to our wedding which was intended to prevent my sons from attending. They did attend our wedding as our lawyer at the time had added a clause that if my sons wished to attend our wedding, they could. They were petrified to notify their father of these wishes, so I simply told them to tell him after the wedding. Francis and I had supervised drug testing for three months. We had full police checks into drug dealing. We were accused of drink driving offences, and drunk and disorderly. We were accused of continuously stalking and threatening Dillon, his wife, and their other children, an eleven-year-old daughter, and sixteen-year-old son who was taken by the DHHS because of severe neglect and abuse six years prior, and her nineteen-year-old daughter who was raised by the grandparents for various reasons.

Suzie and Hudson the day Hudson came home. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading I'm just a call away for professional care. I can be as responsive as you need, from a single visit for reassurance to multiple visits where more help is needed.

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