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Thanks for the comment Jeremy. Unfortunately, there are limitations on the grayscale that can be represented on the printed page, and we optimised it as best as we could.

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I appreciate that, and in every other respect I found the book original and thought-provoking, erudite yet entertainingly readable.. One for the next edition…. A father emailed me the other week to let me know that his 10 year old daughter had spotted that same typo. I feel embarrassed! Just listened to your interview on ABC Radio Australia in the car as I drove across Melbourne traffic to the airport…it was an absolute pleasure and you summarised my Geography degrees in just one hour!

With Dr Google, no one does Geography anymore, you brought tears to my eyes! Fascinating book, it should be read by every A level student. It opened my eyes to the story of planet Earth and how each event in its lifetime connects with each other. I got lost from time to time such as the Hadley cell and the Milankovitch cycles but so much was accessible to an ordinary reader. I listened to a World Service programme which said that home sapiens came to New Zealand only years ago, if true would be worth a mention.

Hi Nick, thanks ever so much for letting me know about that sneaky typo! The manuscript went through multiple editing rounds, has been checked by a proofreader and a copyeditor, and some things have still slipped through…. A great read, and so nice to see our place in the Cosmos given another viewpoint. After 30 years of practicing psychiatry, I have been challenged to explain the violence, inhumanity and evil of humanity. Thanks very much Rob! What also helps out authors enormously is if you were able to post a review to Amazon as well…?

Fantastic eye-opening read — the sort of book that makes the reader feel not only massively better- informed regarding previously unimagined sweeps of information and connections but, at least temporarily, slightly more intelligent for having read it. Would it be possible in another edition to include a summarizing chart, or something similar of the most salient points? Something which could only make sense to those who have read the book but would help for reference, revision and memory jogging?

But in any case thanks for your inspiring work. I have greatly enjoyed reading the opening chapters. Grand, thanks very much Gregory — so glad to hear you found it interesting! One thing that does genuinely really help authors is if you leave a review for the book, even if only short, on its Amazon page. Have thoroughly enjoyed Origins.

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We see anger, fear, pain, suffering, neglect, nastiness and hopelessness. NOW, in this moment, decide again.

Planet human versus planet Earth—time for some win-win evidence

So change your thoughts. Determine to see love, hope, laughter, joy, helpfulness, nurturing and the coming together of humanity for the good of all. You will see and experience based on what you are putting out. Not seeing love?

ORIGINS - Lewis Dartnell

Then stop withholding love. Take the wall down that is around your heart and send out love to every man, woman and child on this planet. What you will quickly start to experience is more love than you ever imagined could exist. Bottom line: Nothing happens to us without our consent on some level. We cannot be victims. But read this carefully, as you may have just been triggered by that comment. We came into this realm to experience duality- the contrast of love vs.

Light vs. So to whatever degree you decided on a soul level to have that experience, that is what will play out in your life. Some of us me included have had very little experience with evil and so we wanted to meet it head on- look it in the eyes and wrestle with it. Oh, Lord, why would we want to do this? Answer: Because. This world is an illusory world….

We take on these avatars-sending in a small aspect of yourself while the larger part of us observes, and to varying degrees, pulls the strings. This is a game. What happens here is just for the experience. These experiences are helpful to us in our desire to be of service and know ourselves. We are energy and many of us penetrate the darkness in an effort to bring in the light. This is done for the benefit of all those who are lost in fear. Read that again.

Welcome to Forbidden Planet

If you are of the impression that you are under attack…you are suffering and afraid…. As soon as you do that- declare yourself a sovereign being- one that cannot be a victim…. You chose this experience. It is an initiation.


It is to take you to a higher level of understanding. It is to learn your own strength and invulnerability. Declare the truth of who you are and raise above the frequency of fear….

I will end there. I think that addresses the main themes I am hearing. Sending out tons of love to everyone!! Thank you Sherry for sharing your story. Also for reminding me of A Course in Miracles and Seth books. I need to re-read them and look forward to reading your book too.

It resonates so much with me. I have felt so strongly about much of what you are saying. Not surprising as we are all connected. Thank you so much for all you are doing. Lotsa love. I read your book several years ago and thought it was fantastic! Also how is your dog doing? Hi Sherry, Me again.

Thank you for responding to my previous questions. What do you think about the Chakras? Or is it a scam, lies?

See a Problem?

I feel their energy and power. So yes, they absolutely do have certain strengths and abilities to protect, enhance and heal. I wish I had more time to study that science, as I find it really interesting. If you were to walk thru my house you would find random stones and rocks sitting all over the place! They speak to me when I am out walking, and I will- with permission- bring them home with me! Hi Sherry, I just finished reading your book. So people are promoting your work by word of mouth.

Thank you for sharing. Things are falling into place. Humanity is waking up. Your story puts a new perspective on what is going on. The three most important things to know are very basic yet profound and confirmed by many sources. Again, thank you.

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Thank you Jim. I appreciate so much that you took the time to write and share that message. A therapist!? That is terrific!